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Tent City Narmada: How Much Does It Cost?

Apr 15, 2024 | Hotel & Resort, Tourism

Narmada Tent City gives a comfortable and eco-friendly stay to its visitors. It is an incredible spot for visitors to experience lots of adventure activities. Visit the official website for more information about the Tent City Narmada package and book your stay.

The Location and Background of Tent City Narmada

The Tent City Narmada is a remarkable place near the iconic Statue of Unity in Gujarat, India. It is situated in Ekta Nagar, just a far from the Statue of Unity. This temporary settlement is set up to accommodate the large number of tourists visiting the iconic monument. Let’s explore some key characteristics of this remarkable facility. Visit to Tent City Narmada will provide visitors an overwhelming opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, the Statue of Unity, and its surroundings.

Classifications of Accommodations and Amenities Available

The Tent City Narmada furnishes well-decorated and stunning tent options. Visitors can get the best deals for Tent City Narmada, a perfect tent for their vacation. The Tent City Narmada booking offers visitors an elegant stay near the Statue of Unity. It offers Deluxe Tents, Premium Tents, and Darbari Tents, including breakfast, lunch, hot tea, and dinner.

Deluxe AC Tents at Tent City Features, Amenities, and Suitability for Visitors

Deluxe AC tents are a blend of comfort, convenience, and adventure. A standout attribute of these tents is the spacious setup; with sufficient space to stretch out. The tent is equipped with comfortable bedding to ensure a good comfort for visitors. These tents provide a luxurious retreat in the heart of the outdoors.

Premium Tents: Enhanced Features and Additional Space

Premium tents offer unique features that set them apart from regular tents. One of the most significant benefits of premium tents is the amount of additional space they provide. This extra space delights visitors. Premium tents often have enhanced ventilation systems.

Darbari Tents: The Epitome of Luxury at Tent City, With Extensive Amenities and Space

The Darbari Tents are formulated with classiness and relief in mind. Each ample tent offers a big room for relaxation, play, and quality time with loved ones. The tents are beautifully furnished with high-quality linens, plush pillows, and a cozy bed to ensure a peaceful sleep. Darbari Tents are the epitome of amenity and are perfect for families or groups.

Pricing For Each Kind of Tent Accommodation

  • Deluxe AC Tent: Rates For Single And Double Occupancy, Including Additional Charges For Extra Persons.
    The Deluxe AC Tent lodging offers an elegant and comfortable stay for visitors. The price of a Deluxe AC Tent is Rs. 7800 per night. These tents permit visitors to enjoy their stay without compromising any comfort. Extra persons can be accommodated in the Deluxe AC Tent for an additional charge of Rs. 2400 per person.
  • Premium Tents: Enhanced Features, Additional Space, and the Perks of Choosing This Option.
    When it comes to camping and outdoor adventures, premium tents offer a sumptuous and comfortable experience. Premium tents are designed to comfortably accommodate two people. The price range for double-occupancy premium tents can vary depending on the brand, size, and features. On average, a double-occupancy tent rate is Rs. 12000 per night, and an extra person can pay Rs. 4000.
  • Darbari Tents: The Price Structure for the Luxury Offering Focuses on The Exclusivity and Premium Experience.
    Darbari Tents offers an elegant experience for those seeking promising accommodations. Each tent has its unique features and charm, which visitors can choose from. The price range for the luxury tent offering is 55000 per night.

Best Time To Visit Tent City Narmada for Favorable Weather and Fewer Crowds

Planning to visit the wonderful Tent City Narmad; Here are some suggestions to help visitors make their trip more memorable. The ideal time to visit Tent City Narmada is during the winter, between October and February. The winter season in Narmada is characterized by clear blue skies, providing startling panoramic views of the river and the tents. The sunshine is gentle and warm, making it the perfect time to explore the tent. Another benefit of visiting Tent City Narmada during the winter months is the lack of big crowd.

The Best Deals And Discounts On Accommodation.

Research and Comparison: Searching distinct lodging in the area you want to visit. Compare rate, amenities, and reviews to find the reasonable cost.

Check for Seasonal Discounts: Accommodation prices can vary throughout the year, so it is profitable to check if there are seasonal discounts available.

Remember, the key to getting the adequate deals and discounts on lodging is research and planning. By staying knowledgeable and being proactive, visitors can save a fortune on their voyage accommodations.


The Statue of Unity is one of the most prominent visitor places in Gujarat. Tent City Narmada is a reasonable nature resort to stay near the Statue of Unity for the night. Distinct new features have been added to Tent City Narmada. It is an incredible place to explore the Nature. The resort and tents are composed to convince visitors from around the globe, making their excursion distinctive so they can admire it for a lifetime.

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